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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Unsung heroes

It was just another sunny day in Pune. Unable to bear the heatwave, we slipped into E-sqaure and booked tickets for the movie - Paan Singh Tomar. Well, I didn't even had the faintest thought of writing a review for this movie, until I saw the message at the end of the movie – “The movie is dedicated to the unsung heroes of Indian sports”.

The story revolves around the life of Paan Singh Tomar (played by Irfaan), who turns from an army man to a sportsperson to a famous rebel. Paan Singh is an innocent, straight-forward person, hailing from Morena district of Madhya Pradesh. Even though he owns land in his village, he joins the army with the sole purpose of serving the nation. Soon his commander realises his talent in sports and sends him to the training academy. 

Everyone including the coach was surprised at his energy and stamina as he wins the 5000m trial in the very first go. But, he ends up in 3000m steeplechase at the request of his coach, as his coach’s daughter is married to the family of his competitor in the 5000m event. He takes the new game sportively and proves his mettle by winning the National event, due to which he gets the nod to participate for the Asian championship in Japan. 

Though the movie revolves around his athletics, the director has taken his time to not to miss on the village romance between Paan Singh and Indra (played by Mahi Gill). May be, this is how romance still exist in village.

His love for the nation is seen from the fact that he argues with his commander to send him to the 1965 war, as army rules doesn’t allow a sportsperson to take part in war. But the fire inside him to serve the nation makes him to win the 1967 International steeplechase event.

Being an International champion, his life goes for a toss when the situation in his native worsens, as his relatives occupy his land. Having left with no choice, he resigns from the army to take care of his family. After seeing his son getting beaten very badly and his family being chased away by the relatives, with no support from the local police, the army man cum sportsperson turns a rebellion.

He creates his own group and trains them to fight against police or any intermediaries who come on their way. As every revenge movie would go, he takes his revenge by killing his relative. One of his famous dialogue in the movie – “Life is a race, whether you win or lose, you still got to complete the race”. This suits his life in the movie accordingly, as after becoming a rebel, he did not have the choice to lead the old life, but to continue the life of a rebel.

Slowly, his group started kidnapping people for ransom and he becomes very famous after the killing of policemen and his front page interview in a local newspaper. Whenever someone calls him a dacoit, he used to correct them saying, “Don’t call me a dacoit, am a rebel”. He is vigilant all the time, seen from the fact that he makes his servant to taste the food before consuming it.

Seems everything that has a beginning comes to an end someday. A new inspector takes charge, who goes on a day-night hunt for Paan Singh. Being betrayed by his group member, Paan Singh was finally shot down by the police, but he ensures the death of traitor before his. 

Just when the movie got over, a message appeared on the screen - "The movie is dedicated to the unsung heroes of Indian sports". This made me (hopefully everyone) to realize the true essence of the movie.

I wondered as how sportsperson leads their life?  Looking at the real scenarios in India, the movie is not completely wrong. Our country has changed in such a way that we bother only about the 11 players on the field. 

What about other sports?

The importance given to one sport has taken away all the credits that should have obtained to other sports. How many people amongst us are aware of the name of the sportsperson or even the sports other than that single game?

Whom to be blamed? 
Is this the incapability of the people or the government?

“Better late than never”. Its high time that our country recognizes other sports and provide facilities and develop personalities in various fields. 

Hope, in the future, our country creates Paan Singh Tomar as a sportsperson and not as a rebellion!!!!!