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Sunday, July 11, 2010

My First bike ride in the hills

This is my first blog and am completely clueless as how should I start this blog. Here goes the story!!!

I love to ride bikes and used to ride APACHE (RTR 160 FI), when I was in Chennai. Its been a month, since my college started and I did not get a chance to ride a bike during this duration. My college is situated on the top of the hill (the area is named as LAVALE). By God's grace, I got the chance on 10-7-2010 (Saturday).

My classes got over by 2.30PM, and I went to play Badminton in the evening by 4PM. The game got over by 5PM, and four of us planned to go to city by bike. One bike and four persons (What a perfect plan!!!!). Now, we are on the lookout for a second bike and then I remembered my roomie (Nice that he is down with a fever (sorry Siddharth), due to which I used his bike).

Our planned start was at 6.30PM and we did started in time (Time management, as we are managers!!!!). What next??A happy ride as everyone would think!!

Of course, the onlookers felt happy, as I was moving the bike rather than riding. Even a child would say that these vehicles need Petrol to run. Very less amount of petrol in bike (cursed my roomie then). We were much dependent on the other bike as their job was to go ahead of us, to get petrol for our bike. I moved the bike till the start of the slope. My pillion rider (Raunak) was as happy as me on seeing the slope. Then I kept the gear control in 'Neutral' and we descended down the slope.

It was a cloudy evening and with cool breeze hitting upon us, our bike slowly descended down the slope and gained momentum. Luckily the brakes worked:) and I was in full control of the bike in each curve.

It was my first ever bike ride in a hilly area and what a way to start, by using a bike which has got less petrol in it:) On reaching the end of the hill, we covered nearly 2kms, before our fellow biker found a shop which provides Petrol. My mouth opened into a broad smile on seeing it. We continued the journey and had a nice time in the city. Happy ending:)


  1. iyayo machi, i read ur blog..
    nice one, keep going. u sud now have a clue to how to continue this blogs.

  2. nice blog, PK!

    Wish u had put more pictures.. I dont see any hills :P

  3. @Jagadeesh..ll be updating the pics in a day or two:-)
    @Balaji: etho try panren machi..english epadi varumne oru bayam..

  4. wow good way to start... Keep sharing your experiences this way

    ur guru :)

  5. good start pk....think in English when you write....:P it ll get better....
    illina koocha padama enna madhiri tamil laye ezhudhalaam....

  6. Good start!!! keep it up.Don't say later that you couldn't find time to write another one:)

  7. Nice way to start bloggin, my wicked roomie!! btw u hav a huge fan following man...kp it up