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Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh!!!How to cook????

This story dates back to four years. After joining TCS, I completed my ILP(Initial Learning Programme) in Pune and got posted at Chennai. I reached Chennai on 27-Oct-2006 (got enough memory to remember this date). The city welcomed me with heavy rains (Chennai cried on the thought of karthik settling in this city). After a week's search for house, I got settled in a 2BHK with four (BN, KC, Manju, Piyush) of my colleagues in Thiruvanmiyur.

Like every house, this too got a kitchen, where we used to keep the water cans. The moment our throat becomes dry, we enter kitchen for water; else, this room remained untouched. We used to eat in hotels. We used to eat dinner together and that too in 5Star hotel (neither 5star nor the name of the hotel; these are road-side stalls). Our mantra (most of the time, its my mantra) for dinner was, "Spend Rs.15/- in 5Star and eat belly full".

Nearly two months passed by. One fine day, BN's(Sandeep BN) parents turned up. I came back from office at 7PM and was shocked to see our house (the kitchen :D). The kitchen has been set up, with a mini electric stove and the utensils brought by his parents. Even more happy I felt, when I saw the vessel in the electric stove. Wonder what it was!!!Sambar-my favourite. Persons who have seen me for the past four years know the importance of Sambar to me. "Don't drink Sambar"-this is the comment thrown upon me everytime.

I interacted with BN's mother and tried to help her in the kitchen, as I know cooking(Don't be astonished). We had a happy meal on that day and it was nice till BN's parents stayed with us, as we got home-made food (hope the bachelors who eat outside knows the importance of home-made food).

Now starts the real story!!!

BN's parents left and the same old story continued(Kalutha ketta kutti chuvaru). We used the kitchen, only to drink water. I was the only cook, who didn't had time to cook (Don't think that I worked too much. Used to be on call for most of the time). My roomies didn't even know to keep hot water using the electric stove (roomies-don't feel bad on the secret being revealed). I used to promise them that I would prepare food for them someday(some day never turned up).

One sunny day(oops!!Chennai is always sunny), I started to office as usual, compeleted my work(my teammates knew about the work I did during my initial tenure) and started back to home around 8PM. While passing through a general store, Maggi(not a girl) attracted me.

'Maggi in 2mins', was the first thought that came to my mind. I bought a Rs.10/- Maggi(Flavour-Masala) packet. On reaching home, I entered kitchen directly and kept a vessel, partly filled with water for boiling in the electric stove. In the meantime, I changed dress.

On returning to Kitchen, I emptied the masala flavour in the boiling water and added Maggi noodles. I waited for more than 2mins(electrice stove takes time to cook :D). The noodles got cooked, and I emptied them into a plate. I kept the vessel for washing and moved to bedroom with the plate.

Piyush was shocked to see me, holding a plate with some cooked stuff. And the first question that amazed me was, "Oh!!!You know to cook Maggi???" and it was followed by "How to cook Maggi?". I laughed a bit. Then I explained him about the process to cook maggi(What a tough process; Boil water and put maggi in that). He was satisfied with my answer, but the most surprising question came next.
Piyush: So, tell me PK, Where did you learn to cook Maggi?
After a flurry of explanation, Piyush was happy.

Thereafter, things changed.

As Necessity is the mother of all invention, my roomies learnt to cook. I have tasted the food cooked by Kc. This fella cooks really well. Hope he thanks his guru(I think it's me)

Catch ya folks in the next post:)


  1. Ithilernthu neenga nalla maggi cookernu purinjikiten.. keep it up.. aana ungaluku wifea varaporavanga than paavam..

  2. machi same exp here da ....... anyway vaalthugal .... seekaram kudiyum kudithanamaa settle aagu

  3. dai, mansor (mud rice) saaptavanaache nee.

  4. Vaaila ketta ketta varathaiya varuthu!

  5. Machi don't worry on raj comment... porami pudicha payan......
    @all dont dream after bachelor life u will get home food...

  6. "Chennai cried on the thought of karthik settling in this city"
    nee maatna mavane adi thaan dee!!