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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Do the needy need us????

I had a nice lunch in a restaurant and was roaming in the city, before spotting McD and felt like having a snack. Even though it was just one hour after the lunch, the look of McD attracted me to grab a burger. I entered the fast food chain and joined those bunches of spend-thrifts in that long queue, before ordering my favourite burger and a soft drink. Having spent half an hour there, I came out of the outlet with my friend and was standing on the pavement, as usual chatting on things around.

One small kid begging for alms spotted me and continuously asked me for money. After 5mins, I told the kid that I would not provide money, whereas I can get something to eat. The happy kid in a composed way told, Bhaiyya, nariyal pani chahiye, spotting at the road side shop nearby. I went with the kid and got a tender coconut and handed it to the kid. To my surprise, the kid did not even take a sip from it and took the coconut to his dad and two brothers, sitting on the pavement. Four of them shared the coconut. Looking at the bright smiles in their face gave me some sense of achievement in spending Rs. 20/- in a useful way. Who knows, maybe, it‘s the first meal of their day, whereas I have already completed my lunch and snack.

This is just one case, which I came across to tell you all. There are many more cases, which never comes into limelight.

Ours is a country, where the imbalance between the rich and the poor is sky high. One part of the country is becoming rich day by day, increasing the demand for gold on a daily basis. On the other side, there are people, who do not have food even once a day.

Even for a clap, it needs two hands to get united. I can keep on writing a lot more like this and can speak a lot about charity and helping people, but this is not the job of a single person. May be the next question that might come to your mind on reading this is, what’s wrong with this guy? What has he done to tell us to do something?

It’s not about what someone else has done, it’s all about what have I done?

Most of our reactions are instantaneous, reacting to the situation on hearing about these kids and later on tend to forget that or react unless another incident as such occurs. The World seems to be very small, that there are very few people, who try to constantly be in touch with such occurring and help the needy.

Think about the bigger picture. Why do these kids beg for alms? Why don’t they go to any orphanage or institutions, where they get chance for education and other facilities for free? Have we ever given a thought to this.Issue is, only the big centres get financial aid as well as manpower to support the kids.

Think about thousands of small institutions, which are opened and being run by those men and women, who have taken the responsibility to take care of such kids. These institutions lack financial support as well as manpower. We, as responsible human beings should spot out such institutions and support them for the great cause they try to achieve. It is not necessary to donate money; just our physical presence would provide a sense of belonging to these kids.

We devote so much of our time to movies or friends or outings, but, have we ever considered spending time for those needy kids. Try devoting just one hour of your time once a week with these kids and see how much self-satisfaction you would obtain, which will be unmatched to the satisfaction derived by spending money on fun stuffs. Once these small institutions gets enough backing in terms of manpower, they would be able to accommodate more kids and provide them a better future, rather than allowing them to roam in the streets begging for alms.

Let us be united in giving back something to the society from which we came from……


  1. thatS true..........wonderfully written....many a times i felt the same on roads............now finding 2hrs a week is not so impossible at all...imagine the time we spend in fb.........it is just the will and inner conscience that is important........nice na

  2. Rich get richer, poor get poorer!! corrupted INDIA

  3. Do read this article:

  4. It's good that you have trigerred an issue, which at some point of time, many feel that some efforts should be put in this direction during a week. But its get succumbed owing to various arenas of spending/passing time. Focused attention and well scheduled plans with small groups on these fronts may go a long away and bind everyone.