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Friday, November 25, 2011

Time and Tide waits for none!!!!! (Part 2)

Those who have not read Part-1, Do read it @ http://karthikponnusamy.blogspot.com/2011/11/time-and-tide-waits-for-none-part-1.html before continuing with Part-2

A month back, when the situation was completely different, Rahul had applied for vacation from 19th Feb to 23rd Feb to attend her marriage in Mumbai. As the scenario has changed after the new requirement, Rahul had to change his actual plan and re-booked flight tickets to start on 21st evening by 5 PM.

On 21st, Rahul woke up early, packed his clothes and reached office by 8AM to complete the work to catch the flight on time. At 2PM, with only half of the work completed, Rahul was about to shut-down his system, when the phone rang loudly.

“Hey Rahul, the clients are very much impressed with your work and a serious discussion of your onsite opportunity is on the cards”, was the first sentence from Ajay.

Rahul was overjoyed on hearing the words, as the news could not have come at a better time than during his friend’s marriage.

Ajay continued, “By the way, the client needs a demo on your module at 11 AM tomorrow. I know that you would deliver your best”.

Rahul’s heartbeat stopped for a moment, as it’s her marriage day and he cannot even have the slightest thought of missing it at any cause. Having caught in the situation like a cat on the wall, his mind started thinking without listening to what Ajay was telling. Finally Rahul realized the necessity to bargain time from Ajay.

“Hey Ajay, I need a favour from you”, Rahul interrupted Ajay’s speech. I hope that you still remember about the marriage which I need to attend tomorrow and this sudden demo plan would ruin my travel. Can you speak to clients and get it postponed by a day, as I will be able to give more than 100% in work, after coming back from marriage.

“Rahul, you are kidding right”, was the reply from Ajay. Rahul was shocked on Ajay’s reply and replied in serious tone, “No Ajay, It is important for me to attend this marriage”.

A heated argument followed and after two hours of call, Ajay slammed the phone telling Rahul, 
“This is the time of your career to be flexible in work. Decide what you want. A client demo tomorrow, which earns you a direct ticket to onsite or attend the marriage and stay in offshore forever. Make your choice”.

Rahul was dumbstruck as Ajay has never spoken to him in this way. Ajay has been a well-wisher for Rahul, right from the time they started working together and this onsite opportunity for Rahul was partly due to the influence of Ajay too.

Rahul realized that fact that he could not board the flight at 5PM, as it takes one hour to travel from his office to airport and the clock had already moved past 4PM.

Rahul still had a choice to make.
He can leave the onsite opportunity for the timebeing, hoping that the doors would open once again (or) he can continue his work and earn the onsite opportunity now.
 For Rahul, it looked as if the decision is a matter of life and death. 

Rahul is also clear on the fact that it is very difficult to meet her after marriage, as she is moving to Japan with Raghu. Raghu started working in an electronic firm after completing his Masters degree there. Raghu has made complete arrangements for them to settle in Tokyo after their marriage, until he changes his company back to India.

Having immersed in thoughts, he opened cleartrip site and checked for flight tickets. It was 7PM and he realized that the reception would be in process and she would be busy with her new in-laws. Still he dialled her number........

Was Rahul able to attend the marriage???

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