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Friday, November 25, 2011

Time and Tide waits for none!!!!! (Part 3)

Those who have not read Part-1 &and part-2, Do read it @ http://karthikponnusamy.blogspot.com/2011/11/time-and-tide-waits-for-none-part-2.html before continuing with Part-3

“Hey Rahul, Board a taxi to Zuhu and you will reach here by 8 PM”, replied the excited voice at the other end.

Been caught in a drastic situation, with a trembled voice, Rahul replied, “Listen, I know that the word “sorry” would not console you, but the fact is that am not coming to your marriage”.

Before he could continue speaking, the line went dead and tears started falling down from two persons.

“இந்த பொண்ணுங்களோட Friendship வச்சாவே
இப்படி தான். என்ன தான் க்ளோசா இருந்தாலும், கல்யாணதுகப்புரம் மீட் பண்ண முடியாது", thought Rahul and got immersed in deep thoughts. He was not able to concentrate on this work any further on that day and booked tickets to Mumbai for 28th Morning from the flight list, which  he had checked sometime back.

Rahul left the office very much dejected, cursing at how bad he is at managing the gap between personal and professional life.

He tried calling her after going home and also left umpteen messages, but not even a single reply from her. It continued in the same way for nearly a week and whenever his phone rings or beeps for a message, he would look at it eagerly expecting a reply from her, but his expectations went in vain always.

D-day (27th) arrived. Rahul was able to complete the work in the given time and got the much awaited onsite opportunity. As fate would have it, he never made it to his flight for Mumbai due to official reasons.

Rahul spent the entire 28th thinking about her best friend and the missed chance to meet her during marriage. The thought of having disappointed her made him feel guilty and he was not even able to celebrate the client’s appreciation and the onsite opportunity earned by him.

Rahul left office feeling very lonely. As he entered the house, he saw his friend being immersed at some news in the TV. 

Looking at Rahul he told, “வா மச்சி, ஏன்டா இவ்வளவு சோகமா இருக்க. Flight வெடிச்சது நாலையா??"

Rahul with an astonished and serious look asked, “என்ன டா ஒளருற??"

“Oh, உனக்கு விஷயமே தெரியாதா. Mumbai to Tokyo flight burst off in the mid air due to technical snag da. 

"இப்ப தான் பிளாஷ் நியூஸ் ஓடிட்டு இருகாங்க. பாரேன்....", replied his friend

Rahul’s heart missed a beat looking at the flash news as she and Raghu were travelling in the same flight. Sooner he got a call from one of her friends regarding the mid-air mishap and the loss of their friend.

Rahul burst down into tears…….

As tears were rolling down his face, Rahul was brought back to the present world on hearing the young girl sitting next to him, telling her friend that her marriage is on 22nd Feb.

It has been nearly thirty five years, since Rahul resigned his job on the very fateful day, his friend had met with an accident. It took time for Rahul to come out of the bizarre incident and he started an NGO thereafter. Till date, it has become his daily routine to come for a walk in the evening and on this particular day, looking at the best friends, he got back the painful memories from the past…. 


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