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Monday, January 30, 2012

Education over the years in TN - Part 2

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The education system changed, but did it really meet our expectations?

As years passed by, the first change came in the form of removal of entrance examinations for the admission to colleges (medical and engineering). 
I was really shocked, as entrance exams are a means to test the competitive ability of the students and the system wants to kill the competitive spirit at the very beginning of the student’s career.

The worst part about the selection criteria is, when two or more students have the same criteria in every qualification (cut-off marks for the various subjects as prescribed) which the system expects, the allocation of seat is done on the basis of Date of Birth.

Is this a criterion to decide on the future of a student? Is it a sin that student2 was born after Student1?

As usual protests erupted to reinstate the entrance exam. The system had its counter-argument stating that the rural students do not get the opportunity and same education as that of urban students and this is the better way to create equal opportunities for them.

Whose mistake is this, if students in urban area gets more opportunity than rural?

Just because few people in the system are lazy and do not want to take efforts to develop rural areas, will they start adopting backward integration?

The protest fell on deaf ears as the entrance exam pattern was completely abolished.

Is this a positive change??? Never, not even in the slightest of my dreams. 

The odds did not stop at the entrance exams. As years rolled by, change was brought in the syllabus being suggested to school children from 1st standard to 12th standard. The syllabus was decreased when compared to the previous years, thus impairing the roots of education.

This consideration was done based on the fact that equal education should be provided across the state, whether it be rural or urban area. 
If equal opportunity has to be provided, why not the infrastructure be provided to rural areas and improve the quality of education being provided to them? This shows the inconsistency of the system to function properly. 

This has taken away the opportunity for the students to learn the basics in their respective subjects. Even though people know that these drastic steps decrease the quality of education than improving, still they do not give a damn to it.

The worst part of this type of education is the lack of practical knowledge. Our students have bookish knowledge and the question papers are nothing but a repetitive of questions, which has been taught in class. Even a slight deviation or twist in the questions, would make the students to score less marks or even fail, which indicates how the education has ruined the thinking capabilities of the students.

The fundamentals should be instilled in the minds right from the young age itself. Not all people are born creative. It is their environment that makes them to think creative. One part of this environment is the education
Our education system is framed in such a way that “Out of the box thinking” is discouraged right from their childhood.

I am not against the upliftment of education in rural areas. I am here to support the improvements that need to be done in rural areas to catch up with the urban areas. The system should think of ways to implement an improved education system in rural areas in a phased manner, rather than degrading the quality of the education as a whole.

With an education system as such existing in the state, can we expect the future of the students to be good enough to cope up with the challenges?


  1. An emotional outburst I can see.. "I am here to support the improvements that need to be done in rural areas to catch up with the urban areas." You have my support :)

  2. Thanks Blinkin Bharg. hope ppl like you come up for the betterment of our country

  3. I came across the following article in Hindu, which speaks about the overall education system in India. Do read it:


    1. i cant and will not agree with you again here.......your post itself contradicts ...you want students to think out of box and you want them to be made creative right?..........and do you think the chance of making it is by imparting more syllabus and having entrance examz?...... i will appreciate the tn government for samcheir kalvi and taking away entrance examz.....but i would want them to refine it more...... people here consider about competing in competitive examz, in scoring high in public examz ...why because we are taught to compete ...get first rank ..be first in college ...get high percentage only then u cn become a doctor or eng or can get into some good buisness school and only then u can earn a lot....... this sucks and in no way it should be done more in this way....are we taught or do we teach now kids to become poets, musicians, writer, athletes, cricketers, travellers or for sake LEaders? NO compete compete compete and compete and even here you speak about competing with other states....... entire indian education system has to be refined.....entrance examz are total crap and even public examz where you correct with key and value answers for mugging is crap...seriously if i understand wht newton said is it not enoug? why should i reproduce it the way he said it? ...... it is fools who designed this system.....what is needed and what is essential is only to be taught in schools and the syllabus should be more apt and sweet.....teach languages may be five ..make hindi compulsory ..it is a crime not to learn the national languge..teach life supportive things....a school should identify every kid and motivate him on his talent...who needs to know all that algebra and trig..do i? ...teach what is essential...maybe 10th like in other states inter coll can be kept with more concentration on the carreer the child ids to choose for instance a kid willing to do mbbs can be taught more basics and even mbbs duration can be reduced by a year and this year they can impart in rural. services.......... balancing rural and urban is first by providing education to all and then by improving syllabus standards...first the kid should learn wht is there in syllabus and a teacher should be able to do it...for that good teachers should come........for that equality should prevail in every job....and for that the society has to change a lot...and the thing is knowledged can be gained from anywhere if a urban kid really wants to learn more he can learn it from anywhere it is not needed that he has to read it only in his textbooks...so samcheer kalvi is good...

  4. An article related to the common entrance exam: