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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Education over the years in TN - Part 1

Having seen the change in education system over the years in Tamil Nadu, I got that inner urge to write this blog.

It was the year 2002. We have completed 12th standard and there were a bunch of guys (including me), who wanted to pursue their career in medicine. We prepared for our Tamil Nadu entrance exams and due to additional awareness, we got to know about the existence of medical colleges across India such as AFMC, AIMS, JIPMER. As any other aspirants would do, we applied for those exams and even bought books to prepare for those exams.

We were very confident enough to excel well in those exams, as we considered the syllabus for biology in our education system to be vast. 

To our dismay, we were not even able to answer 10% of the questions mentioned in those books. The syllabus given in those books looked like French & German to us, as the biology syllabus in those books was way ahead of what we studied in our state syllabus.

There, we realized the difference between the real (education outside TN) and imaginary (education in TN) world. What we consider as too much of syllabus in TN is nothing but a meagre syllabus for a student outside TN. Still we prepared and wrote those exams, but never cleared any of those, as “hinky pinky ponky” technique never helps you in the real world.

In marketing, we have a famous term named “Moment of Truth” – The time when the customer forms his opinion about the firm, when he interacts with the products of the firm. Moment of Truth for us is the interaction with the medical exams of the real world and we realized that we were “Kinathu thavalai (Frog in a well – A frog inside a well thinks that there doesn’t exist a world beyond the well)” till then.

Once the results for the entrance exams were out, we faced the truth that it is time to change the ambition of your life. This, not only happened with us, but with many other fellow students, who appear for 12th standard exams every year. We did not had the guts to study for an additional year to prepare for the exams again, as it is considered a curse, as every other person whom you can find, whether educated or not, would advice you saying that you have wasted a year. 

We expected the mindset of the people to change over the years, thereby giving rays of hope to the education system.

As expected our education system changed, but ………..

Click Part-2 to read the continuation.


  1. education system should change and it is not by means of increasing or strengthening the syllabus material....it is in the modality we approach......and i will not agree that our syllabus level is less compared to other states ....................it is we who put maximum ranks in all these tests and even in PG entrances further......south Indian health and education system is much higher than the other states.....but definitely a systemic and a different modality approach to make the student think and evolve must be adapted

  2. This might be the case in 2002.Having completed 12th last year,I see that TN's biology syllabus is quite vast and students do manage to excel in it cause it mostly involves only memory.But this is not the case with Math physics and chamistry. So,when we see TN state board students' performance in the entrance for AIIMS,they score only in biology;while CBSE students lose their rank because of biology.But,true that the standard of TN state board is very poor compared to the standard in rest of India-Made me switch to CBSE for higher secondary education :)

    Good insight on the topic !

  3. really the fact anna.... the main drawback in TN s knwledge in basics s lower compared to other states anna... must make to steady our basics annna